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Storage 保存方法

Health Meal How to Keep


  • 是「獨立真空包裝」以「冷凍」寄送及保存,收到後即放入雪櫃保存。

  •  -18度(冰格)保存14天(建議食用前1天先放入普通格(0-4°C)解凍)

  • 產品不添加任何防腐劑添加物,建議盡快食用!

Health Calorie Controlled Meal

  • Individual pack with vacuum seal and cold chain delivery.

  • Keep under -18°C at freezer, consume 7-14 days (Kept it in the refrigerator (0-4°C) for 1 day to allow gradual defrosting in a low temperature environment.)

  • Our product contains no preservatives and should be consumed as soon as possible.

Slow Cooked Chicken


  • 放於冰格急凍,可保存二至三個月, 解凍後便可以食用。

Slow Cooked Chicken

  • Keep under 0~4°C at refrigerator, consume within 4-5 days.

  • Keep under -18°C at freezer, consume within one month.

​Easy ‧ Health ‧ Tasty

Calorie Controlled Meal

"Being healthy and fit isn't a fad or a trend.

Instead, it's a lifestyle."

Reheat 翻熱方法

Easy to Eat

Ready to eat



Salad Sauce



Meat, Rice, Noodle, Vegetable, Sauce


Soaking in Hot  Water


  1. 煲滾水後熄火

  2. 將真空包裝食材(不拆封)直接置入

  3. 滾水中浸熱(溫度約90~100℃),建議肉類浸熱約2至3分鐘; 澱粉類約5至6分鐘

Soaking in Hot Water

  • Put the pouch into boiling water & reheat 2-3 minutes, pour our & serve.

Tips :



烤牛及各款慢煮豬, 慢煮雞 :



Roasted beef, Slow cooked chicken & Slow cooked pork chop suggested reheat 1-2 minutes




  1. 將所需加熱食物倒入可微波容器內,放入微波爐加熱。

  2. 微波加熱設定 : 500W 加熱90秒


  • Empty the content into a bowl for microwave oven usage, reheat  90 seconds in 500W.

Tips :




烤牛及各款慢煮豬, 慢煮雞 :

建議把微波爐調低溫度, 加熱大約1分鐘


Roasted beef, Slow cooked chicken & Slow cooked pork  chop suggested reheat 1 minute with  low temperature 

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