Fitasty HK 健康卡路里餐

  • Calorie Controlled:註冊營養師精準計算各款菜式,低卡路里
  • Easy:獨立真空包裝/微波或加熱即可食用
  • Health:不含任何防腐劑/少油少鹽/低卡醬汁
  • Tasty:多國菜式/新鮮煮理

10, 13 August 20【6款精選菜式】

A. 滷水牛筋配紅米飯《615Kcal》
  Marinated Beef Tendon, Red Rice
B. 乾咖哩肉碎鷹咀豆藜麥飯《514Kcal》
  Chickpea Dry Curry with Ground Meat and Quinoa Rice
C. 椰菜花醬配慢煮雞胸紅米飯《458Kcal》

  Slow Cooked Chicken Breast, Cauliflower Sauce with Mixed Red Rice

D. 法國馬賽魚湯沾烏冬《555Kcal》

  Bouillabaisse with Udon
E. 意大利魷魚羅勒醬意粉《563Kcal》

  Italian Grilled Squid Spaghetti with Pesto
F. 刁草忌廉汁藜麥吞拿魚長通粉《472Kcal》

  Tuna Quinoa Cream Sauce with Rigatoni


All vegetable items are subject to change according to seasonality and availability.


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